There's always a unique path from concept to execution, and while designing this website template is no different, the end result is where it shines. From its early stages of development, this layout was destined for businesses and individuals who want to project a high-end and aspirational brand. The mosaic gallery on the homepage displays arranged complexity, while the white space between the images makes them pop out as stand alone project representatives. The color scheme for font choices and social icons isn't incidental either. The bold red catches the eye and puts emphasis where it's needed, while the gray content allows for a smooth reading of your message. Speaking of smooth and pleasant, notice the font: it's geometric, balanced and soft around the edges. It may not make a big difference at first glance, but it will please your clients' eyes and help you get your point across.

Remember, this is YOUR online presence and the template you choose must reflect your core values. So go ahead and play with it; start your free trial today!